Work study of Dr. John Amaro's acupuncture and chiropractic practice as treatment room assistant. Attended Dr. Amaro's I.A.M.A. classes in 2009 and again in 2012.


About Knowledge In Motion:

Arizona Institute of Equine Massage and Kinesiology: equine anatomy and physiology, sports massage, saddle fit and movement analysis.

Animal Dynamics: cranio-sacral and energy balancing.     


Knowledge In Motion Equine & Canine Therapy

Animal Dynamics: dit dow jow herbal remedies



Natural Balance: Hoof trimming theory and applications.    


Animal Dynamics: acupressure and tui na

  Since 2001, Kim Drangsland has been honing the art of equine and canine body work. By attaining multiple certifications in: sports massage, movement analysis. cranio-sacral, energy balance, acupressure, and dit dow jow herbal remedies Kim has a firm educational base. She added further study in hoof balance through Natural Balance clinics. In addition, Kim completed 6 years of work study of human acupuncture under Dr. John Amaro's practice and school International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. By fusing all of these techniques together a new form of body work was created. What evolved, is results oriented body work, using multiple modalities including light therapy to achieve predictable results in relatively short time frames.

Specializing in injury rehab and tough to treat lameness